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South Asian Research Publishing Organization (SARPO) is an international publisher of open-access journals, academic books, thesis papers, and proceedings. SARPO provides services to the scientific/research community for publishing high-quality research. 

Aim and Objectives

The mission of the South Asian Research Publishing Organization (SARPO) is to disseminate the results of the most cutting-edge research to scientists, scholars, academics, and students working in a wide variety of fields. Because of our publication system, scholars from all over the world can communicate with one another and share their discoveries. SARPO is dedicated to creating, sharing, and using knowledge and technologies to broaden the research window and achieve shared research and development goals globally. This includes public and private sector policymakers, NGOs and civil society organizations, health agencies, farmers, individuals at the top of their field, and communities providing development assistance. Articles for journals that adhere to the cover letter/cover page guidelines are welcome.

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High-Quality Research

SARPO provides high quality research from some of the best South Asian scholars.

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Offers a comprehensive array of resources, including journals, books, and other research materials.


SARPO’s research and publishing initiatives have taken a multi-disciplinary approach, covering a wide range of topics from medicine and engineering

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SARPO is renowned for its global reach and has readers from over 40 countries.

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