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Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Research vol 1 Issue I

Dr Ahsanur Rahman, PHD

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jafr vol 1 issue I
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Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research

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Welcome to the first issue of Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research (JAFR) published in 2021 by the South Asian Research and Publishing Organization (SARPO). JAFR is an open access multidisciplinary journal that publishes fundamental and applied research works in different areas of Agriculture and Forestry. JAFR is trying to become an advanced research journal dedicated to agricultural and forestry research. It functions as a strategic and applicable research publication on all aspects of agriculture and forestry, as well as publishes basic scientific articles reviewing the scientific aspects of current agriculture and forestry issue.

On behalf of our editorial team, I would like to thank our users, contributors, authors, reviewers, all of whom have volunteered to contribute to the success of the journal and also for its development mission in the field of Agriculture & Forestry Research. We are publishing our articles with a particular emphasis on quality, safety and better outcomes of research. We know that only advances in Agricultural and Forestry technology can help us in confronting the challenges of the 21st century, and to capitalize on the promises ahead. Finally, we encourage the contribution of the scientific community in improving agriculture and forestry sector to ensure the continuity of a successful journal. Writers, reviewers and editors are always welcome. We longed-for comments and suggestions that can improve the quality of the journal. We believe that JAFR will function as an insightful and inspiring platform for both the researcher and the user which will pave the way for an unprecedented future.

Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1, 2021

Title of the articles

No 1. Crown-Diameter Model for Madrid Tree (Pterocapus erinacieus Poir) in Okpokwu Area of Benue State, Nigeria | Pages 1-12

No 2. Potentiality of RNA Interference Technology in Enhancing the Nutritional Status and Food Value of Plant Species | Pages 13-26

No 3. Fuelwood Utilization and Health Effects among Farming Households in Ekiti State, Nigeria | Pages 27-35

No 4. Marketing and Utilization of Dacryodes edulis (G.Don) H.J. Lam) in Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria | Pages 36-47

No 5. Park, People, Policy: Synergy towards a Holistic Approach to Sustainable Management of Protected Areas | Pages 48-58

No 6. Effects of Long-term Fertilization Methods on Rye Yield Components | Pages 59-69

No 7. Survey and Identification of Major Insect Pests of Seed Spices in Ethiopia | Pages

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