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Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Research Vol 2 Issue I

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Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Research Vol 2 Issue I 4

Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research


Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research (JAFR) is an open-access multidisciplinary journal that publishes fundamental and applied research works in different areas of Agriculture and Forestry. JAFR publishes papers concerned with the advance of agriculture and the use of land resources throughout the world. JAFR strives to be a leading research journal dedicated to agriculture and forestry research. It serves as a strategic and applied research publication on all aspects of agriculture and forestry, as well as publishing basic scientific articles reviewing scientific aspects of current agricultural and forestry issues. On behalf of our editorial team, I would like to thank our users, contributors, authors, and reviewers, who have all volunteered to contribute to the journal’s success as well as its development mission. We are publishing our articles with a focus on quality, safety, and better research. We believe that JAFR will be an insightful and inspiring platform for both researchers and users, paving the way for an unprecedented future.

Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2, 2021

Title of the articles

No 1. Sustainable Development in Green Energies and the Environment | Author: A.M Omer | Pages 1-7

No 2. Knowledge, Awareness, and Practice on Natural Disasters among Residents of San Juan Baño Arayat, Pampanga | Author: Allain James T. Aquino, Mark Bernie Carreon | Pages 8-13

No 3. Leaf Litter Arthropods in the Gallery Forest of Jos Zoological Garden, Jos, Plateau State, North Central Nigeria | Author: Njila, H.L. and Valentine, C.C. | Pages 14-21

No 4. Performance of Maize (Zea mays) Under Different Sowing Methods and Intra-Row Spacing | Author: Abdelrahman Mohammed Ahmed Hamid, Yasin Mohammed Ibrahim Dagash, Samia Osman Yagoub Ali | Pages 22-30

No 5. Botanic Plant Resources as Insect Pests Administrator of Field Crops | Author: Muhammad Sarwar | Pages 31-43

No 6. Traditional and Biocultural Potential of Toko Plant (Livistona jenkinsiana Griff) in East Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh | Author: Ogam Dai, Vikaspal Singh, Rashmi T. Chamoli and A.K. Uniyal | Pages 44-51

No 7. Estimating Economic Efficiency Levels and Identifying Its Determinants for Milk Producers’ Households in North Shewa Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia | Author: Gadisa Girma, Nigusu Abera, Yimenu Kassa, Zewditu Berhun, Abi Tolosa, and Genet Shiferaw | Pages 52-64 Protection Status