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Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Research Issue II

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journal of agricultural and forestry research journal

Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research

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The Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Research (JAFR) is a multidisciplinary and open access journal on agriculture and forestry published by the South Asian Research and Publishing Organization (SARPO). The journal published original articles in English. The editorial office promises to ensure quality by thoroughly reviewing the manuscript. The journal caters to the research needs of aspiring researchers from around the world on the subject of agriculture and forestry. The journal promotes scientific research through high-quality articles, systematic reviews, and rapid publication of innovative reports, perspectives, etc.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the editorial board members for their active cooperation. With the continued support of prominent editorial board members, potential reviewers, and active writers, we have been able to manage this journal so far. Finally, JAFR genuinely acknowledges every member single part for their significant help in this publication process.
Upcoming strategies to improve Journal:

  • To improve readers for the published respective article in different social networking stages like Twitter, Linked in, etc.
  • Requesting research papers from various research institutes, center laboratories, colleges, and universities around the world.
  • Sending standard calls for paper for the individual country as indicated by deadlines.
  • Using search engine optimization (SEO), adding significant keywords to the article makes it easier for readers to find our article on a higher page when searching for Google Keyword Planner.

Authors are warmly welcomed to submit their current research practice and result as essay science correspondence in our journal such as original research articles, review articles, expert opinion, commentary, short note communication, etc.

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2, 2021

Title of the articles

No 1. Impact of Conservation Education on Zoo Tourists in Selected Zoos in Nigeria | Pages 1-16

No 2. Assessing Hospitality Services in Obudu Mountain Resort, Nigeria | Pages 17-25

No 3. An Intervention Study of Deltamethrin Impregnation of Lower Efficacy of Used Llins And Local Mosquito Nets in Ohnpinkone Ward, Nant Nhyin Village, Banmauk Township, Sagaing Region in Myanmar | Pages 26-39

No 4. Contribution of Cocoa-Based Agroforest to Household Livelihood in Emure Local Government Area Ekiti State | Pages 40-52

No 5. Demonstration of Fungicides for Management of Faba Bean Gall (Olipidium viciae Kusano) Disease in North Shwa Zone of Central Ethiopia | Pages 53-59

No 6. Lead, Cadmium and Arsenic Contamination Levels of Crops Produced at Kasavubu Vegetable Perimeter / Saio “The Case of Amaranthus hybridus” | Pages 60-77

No 7. Livelihood Diversification about The Use of Forests Products by Local Communities of The Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan State, Sudan | Pages 78-87

No 8. Marketing and Utilization of Dacryodes edulis (G. Don) H.J. Lam) in Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria | Pages 88-99

No 9. Morphometric Characterization and Length-length Relationship of Jagora spp. Collected from Tilapia Pond | Pages 100-106

No 10. Winter Rye Spike Parameters in the Westsik’s Crop Rotation Long-term Field Experiment | Pages 107-117

No 11. Attitude to Agricultural Enterprise Among Students of Tertiary Institution in Ibadan, Oyo State| Pages 118-125

No 12. The Residual Effect of Different Levels of Rice Mill Ash on Maize-Soybean Intercrop | Pages 126-135

No 13. In Support of Biopesticides, Bioheat And Anaerobic Fermentation in Sustainable Agricultural Production in Nigerian soils | Pages 136-160

No 14. A Study on Problems on Kiwi Cultivation and Marketing at Solukhumbu District, Nepal | Pages 161-175

No 15. The Effectiveness of Psycho-Education Training in The Management of Depression Among Menopausal Rural Farmers in Ibadan Less City, Nigeria | Pages 176-185

No 16. Use of Different Bio Rational Compounds for Storage- product Pests control | Pages 186-198 Protection Status