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Aim and Scope

SARPO provide services to the scientific/research community for publishing high quality research. SARPO aim to provide researchers, writers, academic professors and students the most advanced research achievements in a broad range of areas, and to facilitate the academic exchange between them. SARPO create, share and use knowledge and technologies to expand the window of researchers from different global communities to explore their research findings through Publication System. SARPO take part in an extensive global web of communities and organizations including policy makers from the public and private sectors, non-governmental and civil society organizations, health agencies, farmers, individual social elites and development assistance community who share similar research and development goals. SARPO bridges the gap between the scientific community & readers throughout the world. SARPO offers a great opportunity to budding scholars of scientific community to make their academic work available to readers around the world. SARPO follow a strict review process where an article or a manuscript is scrutinized by review board members who have specialised in the similar field. The manuscripts published in the journals of SARPO have wide range citation than any other publishing group. The manuscript submitted to SARPO will undergo a high quality publication process.

Learn More about SARPO at a Glance

  • Multidisciplinary Open Access Journal
  • Frequency: continuous
  • Submission to publication: 4-6 weeks (typical)
  • Topics: Covers all topics in Biological sciences, Life sciences, Agricultural sciences, Forest science, Environment science, Chemical science, Health science, Humanities, Education, Arts and Social sciences.
  • Model: Binary Per Review

Currently SARPO publishes the following journals on Life Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Forest Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Nano Sciences, Medical Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: Protection Status