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Manuscript Submission

Journal Selection and Submission

If you want to submit research work to one of SARPO journals but aren’t sure which is the most suitable, please check the scope pages. The scope for each journal is shown in detail on the relevant journal homepage. If you are still unsure whether your article is in scope, or you have another pre-submission query, please email the journal’s Editorial Office for help. Once you have decided on your preferred journal, submit your article following e -mail address.

Link to scope of journal

Editorial office contact

Email id for article submission in specific journal

Journal of Life Sciences and Bioengineering Research,

Journal of Plant Science and Technology,

Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research,

Journal of Plant Protection Science and Technology,

Journal of Environmental Research & Technology,

Journal of Drug Development and Biomedicine,

Journal of Chemical Science & Nanotechnology,

Journal of Arts and Social Science Studies,

Requirements for submission

  • Manuscripts should be prepared as word documents in doc/docx format only. Manuscript sent in PDF format will not be accepted.
  • Manuscript needs to be submitted along with cover letter and copyright agreement form through email submission.
  • Every author took a certain role and made contribution to the study and the manuscript. In case of publication, agree to transfer all copyright ownership of the manuscript to the SARPO to use, reproduce, or distribute the article.

Checklist for Manuscript Submission

Before uploading your paper to SARPO journals through e-mail Submission system, you should make sure that all necessary details on the checklist for manuscript submission were checked and copyright agreement and cover letter were added along with manuscript.  

  • Authors should confirm that the manuscript or part of it has not been previously published and will not be published via other journals.
  • The corresponding author should submit a manuscript.
  • Abstract is not more than 300 words.
  • Key words (up to 6) are provided.
  • References are formatted according to the style required by the journal.
  • Covering letter and Copyright agreement letter is provided. Protection Status