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Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Research Vol 2 Issue IV

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Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research

Vol 2 Issue IV Cover Page


Dear Readers, Authors, and Colleagues,
As we gather here for another edition of the Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Research, it is with immense pleasure and enthusiasm that we welcome you to the pages of this esteemed publication.

Our journal has long been committed to advancing the knowledge and understanding of agriculture and forestry practices, environmental sustainability, and the challenges facing our planet. We believe that by exploring innovative research, sharing valuable insights, and fostering collaboration among researchers, we can make a significant impact on the future of agriculture and forestry.

We are particularly excited about the growing interest in interdisciplinary research. Agriculture and forestry are intricately linked to environmental science, economics, technology, and more. We encourage authors to explore the intersections of these fields and submit articles that offer holistic perspectives on the complex issues we face.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to the principles of quality, relevance, and accessibility. We aim to maintain the high standards of peer review and editorial oversight, ensuring that the articles published in our journal are rigorously vetted and provide valuable insights to both researchers and practitioners. Furthermore, we will continue our open-access approach to make our content accessible to a global audience, fostering a culture of knowledge exchange and collaboration.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated team of editors, reviewers, and staff who work diligently to make this journal a success. We also express our gratitude to our authors for their insightful contributions and to our readers for their continued support.

If you are an aspiring author, researcher, or practitioner in the field of agriculture and forestry, we invite you to consider the Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Research as a platform for sharing your work. Your contributions are instrumental in advancing our collective understanding and addressing the challenges that lie ahead.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in our mission. We look forward to the fruitful exchange of ideas and knowledge that will shape the future of agriculture and forestry research.

Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research
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VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4, 2023

No 1. Assessment of Changes in Land Use and Land Cover in Hadejia Nguru Wetland of Yobe State, Nigeria | Author: U. U. Alkali, D.F.Jatau E.E.Dishan | Pages 1-15

No 2. Measuring the Degree of Adaptive Capacity of Farmers to Climate Change along River Niger in Kogi State, Nigeria | Author: Ekemhonye, S. and Ndanitsa, M. A. | Pages 16-21

No 3. Positive Role of Applied Chitosan as a Supplement Fertilizer on Okra Plants | Author: Ihab I. Sadek, Z. Y. Maharik, S. H. Ahmed and Tarek M. Younis | Pages 22-32

No 4. Population Effect on Individual Crop Growth, Development, and Yield in Rainfed Maize in Southern Guinea Savanna Ecological Zone of Nigeria | Author: Oyewole, Charles Iledun*; Obadofin Ayejimi Oluwagbami and Oyewole-Ezeogueri, Anne Nnenna | Pages 33-45

No 5. DNA Fingerprinting of Date Palm Varieties (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Grown in Sudan Using ISSR Markers and SDS-PAGE | Author: Manal A Ibrahim1, Gamal E Osman | Pages 46-55

No 6. Screening of Mineral Solubilizing Microbes and Rhizobium for Growth Promotion and Development of Acacia leucocephala Grown under Nursery Conditions | Author: Sujata Dash and Nibha Gupta* | Pages 56-67

No 7. Seed Scarification and Plant Extracts Enhanced Germination, Seed Health and Seedlings Vigour of Tetrapleura Tetraptera | Author: Djeugap F.J.*, Nouteka K.J.N., Ngalle T. S., Dida L.S.L., Essomo E.S, Keegoui G., Kuenbou M.J., Abireche U.H., Galani Y.H.J. | Pages 68-69 Protection Status