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Discover the most unusual types of roses

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Unusual Rose types
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Roses are a symbol of love and beauty, but the world of this wonderful flower is so diverse that sometimes it seems as if we are transported to a fairy garden. Perhaps you have never heard of such unusual species. Therefore, we are happy to tell you about them. In this article, we will dive into the wonderful world of the most unusual roses and find out why they attract the attention of florists and plant connoisseurs.

Unusual types of roses

Crystal Rose

“Crystal” – a rose framed by a light shine and crystal clarity. Its petals are as if covered with a thin layer of frost or ice crystals, creating a unique effect of luxury.

Crystal rose

Black roses

Black roses are the epitome of mystery and sophistication. Their deep burgundy color creates a mysterious and luxurious look. For example, the variety “Black Baccarat”, has become a real hit among florists and connoisseurs of rare plants.

There's a black Rose growing in your garden....

Rose Devil

Rose variety “Devil” attracts attention with its unusual black-red petals, as if painted in the colors of the sunset. It becomes a real decoration of the garden, adding mystery and passion to it.

Wart Rose

Unconventional and surprising, this rose strikes you with its unique feature of having no petals. Instead of traditional flowers, green warts are formed, creating an unusual and interesting look. This is a real decoration for the garden, attracting attention with its originality.

Blue Moon

“Blue Moon” – has a unique lavender-lilac shade. Its color has incredible tenderness, and this rose becomes a real discovery for those who appreciate unusual shades and delicate colors.


The variety “Chameleon” has an amazing ability to change its color depending on the stage of flowering. From bright green buds to deep pink petals, each stage of blooming of this flower is filled with amazing versatility of color.

Blue Planet

This variety gives the impression that the petals of the plant are permeated with cosmic light. With a delicate blue hue, Blue Planet becomes not only a beautiful flower, but also a real work of art.


The variety named “Ship” has a shape resembling the sail of a ship. Its curved petals give the impression that the rose is floating on the water surface. This option will fit perfectly into the garden landscape, giving it an incredible atmosphere of sea adventures.

The most unusual roses are a real gift of nature, which inspires florists and gardeners to create unique garden compositions. Their unusual shapes, shades and fragrances make each of them a true work of art of nature. Bring a touch of mystery and exoticism to your garden by choosing one of these amazing species. Protection Status